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Tea Selections

Black Teas
Black Tea is roll broken after withering. Roll breaking cracks the surface of the leaf, exposing its enzymes to oxygen. After full oxidation occurs, the leaf is then finished with forced hot air.

  • Darjeeling Organic-India
    Grown high in the foothills of the Himalayas on the famous bio-dynamic Makaibari estate, this tea has a nutty note, pronounced greenness, strong character, yet is delicate.

  • Ceylon Organic-Sri Lanka
    Grown in the Ratnapura District on the border of the Sinharaja Forest.  Beautiful long, thin leaves bought from owners of small parcels of land, resulting in a stunning cup, delivering lingering flavor, distinct character.  Lovely afternoon tea.

  • Keemun-China
    This marvelous tea is renowned for its orchid bouquet & splendid red color. Sweet & mild.

  • Emperor’s Night-China/India
    Created exclusively for Dean & Deluca™. Dark, aromatic; hints of smoke and earth.

  • Lemon Zest-Sri Lanka
    Lemon & Ceylon Tea
    Distinct honey, citrus notes of ceylon black tea reinforce & encourage lemon flavors, making a simple, botanical blend reminiscent of lemon lollipops that we all loved as children.

  • Black Tea - Assam-Organic, India
    Grown in North Eastern India.  Robust, hearty and malty, a traditional breakfast tea.

  •  Lapsang Souchong - China
    Strong, robust, smoky tea produced by withering and drying over open fires of pine.  Made from the larger souchong leaf.

Flavored Black Teas

  • Midnight Moon-China
    Ginseng, peppermint & licorice teamed with a Chinese black tea deliver a smooth, velvet taste that relaxes & encourages recuperation.

  • Black Currant-China
    Big fruity flavor.  A full-bodied favorite.

  • Coconut Crème-India
    The tangible enticement of coconut, and the robust body of Nilgiri.

  •  Decadence-China
    This densely aromatic and flavorful tea showcases the best of two popular infusions (tea and chocolate). Offers hints of vanilla, accompanied by rooibos and black tea, to beautifully escort the chocolate into a fine finish and delicate linger. Includes trace bits of almond.

  • French Vanilla-Vietnam
    Sumptuous, graceful and inviting.  A tea that kindles elegant evenings, sweet thoughts, and long walks.  Beautiful bouquet with a distinct chocolatey taste coupling the vanilla, finished with full red color, rich palate and distinct memory.

  • Lili `Uokalani-Hawaii
    Stunningly energetic tea, combines the lush tropical richness and colors of such flavors as peach, apple, mango, orange, and guava. Stunning to see, touch, smell and taste.

  • Mango Ceylon Organic-Sri Lanka
    Fine ceylon leaf combined with a sweet aromatic mango. Deliciously refreshing afternoon tea or summer iced tea.

  • Just Peachy Organic-India
    The delectable sweetness of peaches coupled with fine Indian black tea.

  • Earl Grey- Bergamot/Black Tea-Organic
    The traditional bergamot beverage enjoyed by millions around the world. A redolent tea, fine anytime of the day.

  • Diva Grey- Bergamot/Black Tea/Rose Petals
    Classic Earl Grey infused with rose petals.

  • Blackberry Sage - Sri Lanka/China
    The soft taste and aroma of fresh blackberries is experienced with the first sip of this fruity tea.   A subtle undertone of cool white sage adds a breathy, balanced finish. A tea for sipping and singing. 

  • Ginger Peach Decaf - Sri Lanka/China
    This tea offers the sweet lushness of fancy peach, seasoned with the tingle of spicy ginger.

  • Vanilla Almond - China
    The smoothness of real Madagascar vanilla beans takes over the first sip of this tea, sweetening the cup.  A nutty almond note follows, which sends it soaring into the realm of dessert. Try topping some with a strong brew with steamed milk for a tea latte.

Chai Teas

  • Masala Chai
    Cinnamon, Cloves, Cardamom, Ginger, & Rooibos.Warm, spicy, and caffeine free. 

  • Voodoo Chai
    Cinnamon, Cloves, Cardamom, Vanilla, & Black Tea
    Chocolaty, spicy, warm and deep. A nice complement to milk.

Oolong Tea is basket tossed after withering. There is no steaming, as the enzymes need to remain active. Basket tossing bruises the edges and exposes the leaf’s enzymes to oxygen, initiating oxidation. Oxidation is the process that results in the flavor profiles of oolong & black tea. After partial oxidation, the leaf is then pan fired.

  • Iron Goddess of Mercy-China
    A beautiful curled leaf that produces a lovely, fragrant amber liquid. Tender, peachy notes intermingle with nutty overtones.

  • Ginger Oolong - Taiwan
    Large Formosa Oolong spiced with ginger.

White Tea
White Tea
 is picked, withered, and bake-dried.

  • Blossom-Japan
    Pai Mu Tan/Rose Petals
    Dry, sweet, and aromatic.
  • Pai Mu Tan- China
    Smooth and flowery with a hint of earthiness.  Make it with a light temperature and low steeping time.  Superb as an evening tea and for those philosophers among us.

Green Teas
Green Tea is picked, and then steamed to neutralize active enzymes. After steaming, the leaf is withered and manipulated to achieve the desired leaf finish.

  • Matcha-Japan
    Ceremonial grade Japanese green tea powder.  Milled to a super fine powder.

  • Sencha-Japan
    Fresh, sweet, vegetal notes, refreshing and cooling. A true gem from the country of ceremony and perfection. Bright green color, full of energy with a comforting fragrance that reassures you like a wide-open meadow.

  • Temple of Heaven-China
    Made in the pearl or gunpowder tradition, hand rolled into tiny pellets that unfurl into long green banners of satisfaction. A mild, fresh tea with a clean palate.

Flavored & Scented Green Teas

  • Jasmine-China
    A traditional scented pouching. This melodic coupling of fragrant petals & light, sweet tea produces a palate for romance.
  • Garden of Eden-Japan
    Apple, Mango, & Green Tea
    The apple viewed in certain cultures as an offering of hospitality, the mango seen as a fruit of virility, and green tea known for health.
  • Island Breeze-Japan
    Papaya, Pineapple, & Green Tea
    Deep, broad and rewarding, lush green tea combined with the exciting pineapple and papaya. Brings energy of thought & momentum to initiative.
  • Passion & Envy-Japan
    Passion Fruit & Green Tea
    The fresh taste of sencha leaf combined with the sensuous passion fruit.  Evocative of moments & energy in thought. Drink from early afternoon through the evening.
  • Head of the Class-Japan
    Hibiscus loaded with vitamin C mixed with bancha green tea; a mental stimulant.
  • Moroccan Mint- China
    Gunpowder green tea leaves blended with peppermint.

Tisanes (Herb Teas)
Tisanes (herbal teas) are not actually tea (camellia sinensis) but herbs, spices, or fruit. Most tisanes are caffeine-free.

  • Sorcerer’s Cup
    Apple, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, mango, ginger
    A warm, fragrant infusion of spices and fruit reminiscent of traditional mulled cider.
  • Eve's Apple
    Pure fruit! Excellent for children. Sweet & full of flavor– try it hot or iced.
  • Chocolate Spice
    You can’t fake great taste! This chocolate treat is also calorie free. Contains trace bits of almond.
  • Hibiscus-China
    Sweet tart sensation of flavor, with a beautiful open flower that nestles in the bottom of your cup.  Just drop one or two whole buds and top with hot water.  Sweeten with honey if you like, or enjoy the color and spectacle on its own.
  • Lemon Verbena-France
    The big green leaves produce an unusually full-bodied herbal yellow liquid with a wonderful aroma.  A great after dinner drink.
  • Mint-USA
    Classic mint leaves, pure and unadulterated, use as a digestive.
  • Berry Berry
    Strawberry & Hibiscus
    Sweet, sharp, and enticing, a pairing that is both complementary and antagonistic. Wonderful hot or iced with a distinctive taste that leads the heart to beat a little faster.
  •  Raspberry
    This tisane is a mixture of rosehips, hibiscus, and raspberry that produce a great tasting tea with a beautiful ruby red color.
  • Rooibos Organic-South Africa
    An earthy South African herb that translates to “Red Bush”.  Smooth and mellow.
  • Rose Hips-Central America
    Loaded with vitamin C! Fill your cup with a generous teaspoon and allow to steep longer than 5 minutes.  Keep a thermos of hot water nearby to top off your cup.  You might like to sweeten this tart cup.
  • Ruby Sipper-Blood Orange & Pear
    The aggressive notes of blood oranges softened by the suggestive sweetness of pear.
  • Strawberry Kiwi- Austria
    This rich and flavorful tea combines chunks of fruit, which result in a brilliant red brew with bold fruity taste.
  • Sweet Dreams-Chamomile & Lavender
    Whole Egyptian flowers and French lavender.  Soothing and fragrant, hints of apple & honey.

All Tea Comes from ONE Plant:

Camellia Sinensis 

Visit our Products & FAQs page to read more about the sought-after YiXing Clay teapots, and their components contribute to exciting cups of tea.

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